Covid 19 - Coastguard Cottage Is Open

Coastguard Cottage is now open for bookings now that the COVID-19 restrictions have been eased.

We have had to make a few changes due to COVID-19 e.g. reduce the number of books, remove some soft furnishing but we hope this will not affect anyone’s stay.

We are charging an additional COVID-19 cleaning supplement to cover the additional cleaning, sanitising etc. but once the restrictions end then we will remove this.

Covid 19 Welcome pack

Cancellation policy

With so many holidays having to have been cancelled over the last few months, we have amended our cancellation policy:

In the case of national or local restrictions being put in place which result in us having to the cancel a booking, any monies paid will be refunded.

In the case of national or local restrictions being put in place which result in us having to the cut short a booking, the client will be refunded the proportion of the monies paid (based on the number of nights already stayed).  Please note that the extra COVID-19 cleaning supplement (£100) will not be refunded.

Where a client cancels a booking, we will endeavour to resell that booking period and refund the client with any monies recovered.


Your safety and the safety of our staff is paramount, below are some of the guidance we expect to be putting into place to ensure that you have a safe enjoyable holiday:

  • Cleaners should not work at all if they have symptoms of COVID-19 irrespective of whether they have been tested or not.
  • Cleaners should wear masks as it’s possible that they are contagious but not experiencing symptoms.
  • They should wear safety glasses, shoe covers, gloves and avoid touching any uncleaned surfaces then touching their face.
  • They should wash their hands immediately on arrival (following the correct procedure for handwashing) and immediately after gloves are removed. If that’s not possible, use a hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol.
  • Keep a gap between check-outs and check-ins during the pandemic to provide ample time to properly clean and disinfect all areas.
  • Don’t just sanitise – clean first then sanitise. It’s better to first clean the area with warm soapy water and then apply disinfectant (let it stand for a few minutes before wiping) to kill viruses, bacteria, and germs.
  • Allow fresh air to circulate the property during the entire cleaning process.
  • Use disposable cloths or paper towels when possible or machine-wash reusable cloths at the highest heat setting appropriate after use.
  • When items cannot be cleaned using detergents e.g. upholstered furniture, steam clean or use an anti-viral spray.
  • Remove decorative scatter cushions or cover with washable covers.
  • Laundry – machine washed at 60°C all linens, blankets, throws and towels (even unused ones as guests may have touched them). 
  • No guest should stay if they have symptoms of COVID-19, irrespective of whether they have been tested or not.
  • Guests should adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place at the time.

Eating Out/ Takeaways

If you don’t feel comfortable eating inside restaurants, there are still quite a few possibilities. We visited in mid September and went to these:
Eric’s Fish & Chip Restaurant (eating outside and online ordering)
The Orange Tree (all tables outside)
Wells Crab House (for an excellent takeaway)
Wiverton Hall (outside seating)
Thornham Deli (some outside seating)

Have a look at our Restaurants/ Take Away recommendations for other possibilities.

If you find others, please let us know.